Auto Insurance – What Coverage Do I Need?

Auto insurance is a very important means of protection as it lowers your financial risk against loss, damage, or injury.  Depending on the type of insurance policy you get, the coverage of loss, damage, or injury not only involves the occupants of the insured vehicle, but this also extends to third party liabilities.

These days, auto insurance is a basic prerequisite for drivers.  It is a legal requirement that is intended for the protection and benefit of everyone.  After all, a car or any motorized vehicles are very dangerous equipment that has the capacity to destroy, injure, or even kill.  Having auto insurance does not protect the insured car from such, but it ensures compensation for the people who have been aggrieved.

Since auto insurance is a legal requirement for any motorized vehicle that heads out for the street, a car owner will most likely need to shop for auto insurance every year.  When shopping for auto insurance, you will have three basic policy options – third party only (TPO); third-party, fire, and theft (TPFT); and comprehensive insurance.  The first two basic policy types are self-explanatory. However, it is the comprehensive type of auto insurance that you seem to hear most often but cannot really grasp what it is all about.

Comprehensive auto insurance is the type of auto insurance that provides the most protection.  Under this auto insurance policy, you can claim from your auto insurer on accidents that are basically your fault.  In fact, in cases where fault cannot be proven, such as when you go back to your parked car and see that it had been damaged by someone or another vehicle, you can still make claims on cases like this.

On scenarios or situations similar to that above, if you do not have comprehensive auto insurance coverage policy, you risk financial loss as you will be the one shouldering the repair bills. You’re lucky if the cost of repair is fairly cheap.  But if the repairs needed to be done are on the costly side, then you certainly will ruin a bit of your finances here.  This kind of ordeal can be a little painful, especially if you are only making ends meet with your current income.

While it is true and cannot be denied that comprehensive insurance costs much more than the first two basic policies, getting it however does give you peace of mind.  The truth is that the cost of comprehensive insurance does not just end with the basic package as you can also add along with it individual details that you think are best having coverage for them.  Different companies of auto insurance in Calgary vary in their cost of auto insurance premiums and other additional coverage the policyholder may want to add.  This means you will have to shop around from different providers of auto insurance in Calgary to get the best price.  The important matter is that you are properly protected by comprehensive auto insurance policy, so that should any eventuality involving your car or road mishap does occur, you do not risk of ruining your finances.